Established since 2004


APPS UK Board:

Dr Ghulam Abbas (President)
Dr Shaheena Anjum (Chair)
Dr Shahid Sharif (Vice Chair)
Dr Abdul Hafeez (Founder & CEO)
Mr Shakeel Puri (Ex-President)
Dr Taimur Mirza (Ex-President)
Dr Amber Tahir (Ex-Chair)
Dr Altaf Rehman (Ex-Vice Chair)
Dr Ayaz Asghar (Ex-Chair)
Dr Mohammed Iqbal (Ex-Chair)
Dr Yasmeen Hasnain (CEO of APPS UK Foundation)
Mr Suhail Chughtai
Dr Shadaba Ahmed
Mr Mushtaq Ahmed

APPS UK Foundation Trustees:

Dr Yasmeen Hasnain
Dr Shazya Sarwar
Dr Mohammaed Iqbal
Dr Taimur Mirza
Dr Alia Arif
Mr Shuja Rehman

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